5G technology will drive the global economy for the next decade. This is what PwC believes, based on its report The global economic impact of 5G , which quantifies the economic impact that the use of this technology will have in different sectors.

In total, PwC believes that the deployment of 5G will contribute 1.3 trillion dollars to world GDP by 2030 .

This will be supported by the increase in speed, the decrease in latency and the connection of a large number of devices, all of them characteristic capabilities of this technology.

More than half of the expected economic impact ($ 530 billion) will come from the health and social care sector .

It is expected that remote care will advance and we will end up making use of a connected medical reality, based on the concept of 4P medicine. That is, predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine.

At a medical level, 5G can optimize interactions between doctor and patient, reduce the length of hospital stays and help transport treatments, among other things.

In order of importance, other sectors of activity that will benefit from 5G and their characteristics are: electric , which in ten years will contribute 330 billion dollars to world GDP; that of consumption and the media , with 254 billion; the industrial , with 134 billion; and financial , with 86 billion.

PwC believes that the effects of investments will be appreciated even before 2030. By 2025 their results should already begin to be felt in the world economy.