With this there are already 41 lawsuits won by the group of distributors of the popular Deliveroo platform , as communicated from its Twitter profile by the Riders x Rights union . The judgment of the Social Court No. 24 of Barcelona confirms the conclusion of a labor inspection carried out in 2018. The most immediate effect is to confirm the claim of 1.3 million euros from Deliveroo in concept of unpaid social contributions.

The background is the conflict over whether the distributors or riders of companies such as Deliveroo, Glovo, JustEat and the like are employed or not. Usually they must register as freelancers and these platforms do not hire them as employees, but after this sentence and other similar ones, the relationship changes. They are considered as false self-employed, that is, they do maintain an employment relationship with them and therefore they must register with Social Security .

Among other issues, Deliveroo’s disciplinary power with its riders is considered proven. The 1.3 million sentence includes the Social Security contributions that Deliveroo should have paid since the beginning of the relationship with the delivery men.

Deliveroo’s response

The company has announced that it will appeal the sentence, while communicating that the sentence does not affect the current delivery men, who have an employment relationship subject to a different contracting model . It also warns that if all its riders are considered as employees they could be forced to rethink their business model, specifically in relation to the number of them they could hire, in addition to being subject to fixed schedules, unlike what What happens today, where it is the delivery men themselves who choose when and for how long to work.