Through a press release the company Ferrovial has presented AIVIA , an initiative aimed at launching the roads of the immediate future, connected by 5G technology .

Ferrovial is not alone in this challenge but maintains a strategic alliance together with the companies 3M, Kapsch and Microsoft, leaving its participation open to other players in the automotive industry, mainly companies specialized in car equipment.

The basis of the AIVIA initiative is to equip the road network with sensors, and using 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to organize a digital road infrastructure with new systems of vertical and road signs, telecommunications equipment or digital services. A connected road that can increase safety, reduce travel times, avoid traffic jams …

AIVIA does not lose sight of the ever closer coexistence between conventional cars and others equipped with autonomous driving capabilities. Likewise, the implementation of a generalized system of sensors will allow monitoring not only traffic conditions, but also the state of the road itself and its infrastructures, improving maintenance.

The importance of partners

From the confluence of the different technologies used (5G, IoT, artificial intelligence) a fruitful result is expected, and from that, a strategic alliance has been sought with the aforementioned partners, each of them of great relevance in their respective sectors.

  • 3M: Multinational with a presence in various sectors, its experience in materials, road safety, signaling …
  • Kapsch: company dedicated to intelligent transport systems and connected services.
  • Microsoft: A decades-long leader in the IT and IT sector, it represents the backbone of the initiative.

Together they will be able to offer a joint response to future road infrastructure concessions that develop the connected mobility of the future.