The new update for AVM routers optimizes the FRITZ network ecosystem! for offices and SMEs.


AVM has revealed that all FRITZ! Box models will be gradually updated with the new operating system < strong> FRITZ! OS 6.80 , which has about 80 news and improvements that allow you to optimize different areas in an office.

Among them is a higher WiFi transmission speed thanks to the Band Steering function , which allows data to arrive faster and without interruptions to its destination, and is available for all FRITZ models! Box with AC + N WiFi (Fritz! Box 7490, 7560, 6490, 4040, 3490).

On the other hand, the update also guarantees users browsing, playing videos or using fluid chat even if intensive use of the access point for guests is being made.

Also, the presence of a new online monitor also shows the download speed for Internet or IP television , and the transmission speed of guest access.

In addition, thanks to FRITZ! Hotspot you can have a more comfortable WiFi access area , and with FRITZ! Fon, the DECT phone for FRITZ! Box, new home screens are included that allow users to control all devices in their office.

Another important novelty offered by FRITZ! OS 6.80 is that allows you to activate an acoustic sensor to turn on and off lamps or other connected devices with a slap or a blow, and indicates the thermal variation of the latest 24 hours in the FRITZ! Box user interface.

With the MyFRITZ! App 2 (for Android) application, users can conveniently access the data they have stored, the call list or voice messages, whether at home or from outside it.

On the security level, FRITZ! OS 6.80 is committed to infallible passwords and configurations with additional validation .

Finally, it is indicated that the FRITZ! OS 6.80 update makes the selected models compatible with networks offering VDSL supervectoring 35B , the network of the future.