Although dates as specific as the imminent February 17 were even considered for the signing of the agreement, all the rumors have come to nothing after confirming Hyundai that the conversations have been broken .

Ya On Friday the news broke about a cooling in the talks between Apple and Hyundai and now it seems that the relationship between the South Korean automaker and the Californian company led by Tim Cook has not been tempered again. < / p>

For a few weeks now we have been telling you here in SILICON the rumors about the conversations that Apple and Hyundai would have had with the possible purpose of making the long-rumored Apple Car < / strong>. A vehicle that could be built by Kia (a Hyundai subsidiary) in its plant in the state of Georgia, since Apple would prefer that the car be manufactured on US soil.

The first news came from within the South Korean manufacturer, where it was stated that they had been holding talks with Apple (without giving further details), but even this minimal indiscretion would not have been well received in Cupertino , the headquarters of the Bitten Apple Company. It was of no use that shortly after from Hyundai they tried to rectify that leak, especially since later others were produced, with details such as those already mentioned.

Apple talks to other manufacturers

Meanwhile, specialized economic press from Japan affirms that Apple would also be in talks with other car manufacturers , specifically some of Japanese origin, when seeking a relationship similar to the one it maintains with companies such as Foxconn or Pegatron. These are large industries specialized in the assembly and assembly of devices, in charge of following the strict specifications of Apple to assemble the iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook and company.

Now, with the paralysis of this incipient Apple Car project, which was once again coming out of oblivion and has been vanished before it comes to fruition, we can only wait. Wait for confirmation shortly if there are other discussions with other manufacturers and it becomes known.

If the indiscretion from Hyundai serves to keep that hypothetical car manufacturer or manufacturers with whom Apple is still in talks to keep a cautious silence, the wait will be as long as the one that has taken place since 2014. That was when it began to It was rumored that Apple was preparing the so-called Project Titan, its development of an electric car.