despite the acquisition, has already been promised to the service of Trello will continue to operate independently.

Trello will continue to exist. But he will do so as part of the Atlassian, and that is that this company has decided to buy its assets for an undisclosed amount of money.

The operation has been confirmed by the CEO of Trello, Michael Pryor, the considered “a new chapter in the history of the future of work”.

When Trello was born for something more than half a decade, just at a time in which mobility was already modifying patterns of behavior, even in the office, the “the idea was to take the paradigm of a sticky note on a wall and turn it into a tool that would allow people to collaborate in real time” recalls Pryor. With its integration into the structure of Atlassian, it should be “to expect from Trello that makes it even more awesome and fun than it is today,” says the officer, who says he and his team are in “just as engaged with our brand and the original vision as in the day of the launch”.

The advantage is that now Trello account with more resources, to evolve and to invest in research and development. This platform for the management and organization of projects in which they rely more than 19 million users will be maintained in spite of the purchase as a stand-alone service.

Its leaders have promised that the integration with other tools will continue to occur. In fact there is already talk of future work with HipChat, Confluence and JIRA.