This week, Treyarch released an update for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which, among other things, introduces the competitive mode League Play , «rescued» from BO4 (not in vain , was the most successful bet of the franchise to appeal to the most serious players). Of course, it brings with it numerous splits and flexibility adjustments in the hopes of outperforming the previous installment, although it seems this sector of the community is still not entirely satisfied.

On Reddit, some players express their discontent with problems such as leaving the game is not penalized properly, the teams are not properly balanced or there is no a elo / mmr meter like many other competitive games to progress between divisions. Apparently, the current system rewards dedication time more than the individual skill of the player himself. Of course, Treyarch has taken note of these complaints.

On Twitter, designer David Vonderhaar responds to one of his followers about this subject: In the comment, he encourages fellow CM Josh Torres to present the vision of the study on the official blog or on Reddit. «Keywords: reach, accessibility, delivery dates, franchise» he indicates. In the same message, he goes on to say «I think we have work to do explaining how [progression in League Play] works once we fix some horrendous bugs.»

If you have updated Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you should be able to find a access button for League Play mode in the multiplayer section of the main menu. Once there, you will have to create character classes (taking into account that some customization elements are not available) and start a completely separate progression from the one you already have in traditional PvP.

The idea is that, once you complete the introductory games, you will be assigned a division depending on your skill level, and from there you can progress through the weekly and weekend events by winning games. Those who achieve rank up within each division , they will unlock exclusive business cards to show the world how far they have come. And taking into account that the Call of Duty saga is better than ever , there are many players to show off.