Sometimes playing online is complicated and frustrating, because you never know who’s on the other side beating you. Even, sometimes, it is better not to know the reality, in case they end up killing you or winning in a humiliating way. Can you imagine dying in Call of Duty Warzone at the hands of a user that uses a flute instead of a knob ? We show it to you.

A user named DeanoBeano has achieved this very surreal and original feat. Using a sound transmitter and flute, he got his Warzone character to move to his chords. Thus, as you can see below, he has managed to win in the Gulag of the game. After 90 minutes of failing in the attempt, he got his long-awaited second chance.

As you can see, the user unleashed his emotion after getting the kill his opponent using the sound of his flute. To achieve this achievement, he uses a background program that assigns notes to game actions, to assign different tones when moving the camera or shooting . The result is the feat that you can see: as comical as it is incredible.

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