— Oriented cyber-security, brings together the capabilities of two companies acquired by Claranet: Sec-1 and NotSoSecure.

Claranet account with a new global business unit, the newly-announced Claranet Cyber Security, which, as its name indicates, is geared to the cyber security.

With it, Claranet looking for give access to services of information security. Offers expertise in different disciplines, including the resources of Sec-1 and NotSoSecure, two companies that Claranet has acquired and which allow you to delve into penetration testing, managed security and training in hacking ethical.

“it Is critical that we empower you with the skills and services of both companies”l says Michel Robert, Managing Director of Claranet UK, “so let’s maximize their impact, but also what is to keep the strength and prestige of the brand, individual,”.

Robert explains that “we are eager to provide our customers with the highest levels of support for protect your data applications, systems, and processes, with a range of services that will evolve with time”.

“security”, says, “it is an absolute priority for a large number of companies, so that these last two years we have worked hard to strengthen our offer in this area”.