improvements have Been made in their solution, such as the unification of unit testing, functional, integration or regression in the same scenario.

The solution Topaz for a Total Test of Compuware, and is used to automate test environments mainframe, you have received improvements.

These improvements will allow you to unify in a same scenario, the execution of tests, whether unit, functional, integration or regression. This means that there will be a single editor, a single » run » dialog, and a single report with the results of all the tests conducted. It also implies that, regardless of their level, developers will be able to write and deliver code quickly, according to stand out from Compuware, without manual efforts and wastage of time.

“The test automation was the link that was missing to achieve true agility and make a reality of DevOps in the mainframe“ says Chris OMalley, CEO of the company, which adds that “without this capacity and to the increase of the demands of digital, the companies found it difficult to safeguard with thoroughness, the quality of their applications to mainframe mission critical”.

“Topaz for Total Test complete that gap and allow our clients to automate the design, iteration, and execution of testing, directly contributing to faster turnaround and higher quality and efficiency”, says OMalley.

Other new features that have been incorporated to Topaz for the Total Test are the advanced support and flexible test scenarios to orchestrate sequences of steps, the support for TDD or the development guided by evidence for design cases ahead of time, the support for testing of integration of cross-programme to see how are the interactions, the integración of XebiaLabs and automatic generation of JCL.

on the other hand, Compuware has introduced the Emulator Topaz 3270 that is designed to perform tasks from the green screen without leaving Topaz.