The National Association of Local Operators of Telecommunications, which fears possible situations “blocking”, believes that the future “can be extremely harmful to competition”.

The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) has approved a draft measure concerning the market for access to mobile networks to move towards a new regulatory environment that will lead to the deregulation of what are known as Virtual Mobile Operators (Mvnos).

In against you have to the National Association of Local Operators of Telecommunications (AOTEC), from a while ago comes criticando this change.

Now that you have already taken the first step to deregulation, since the AOTEC have spoken with regret about this fact, because the deregulation “can be extremely harmful to competition and, therefore, for the final consumer,”. As determined by its president, Antonio Garcia Vidal, who fears for example a rise in the rates.

“The association will report the delay excessive of the large companies that own network to negotiate agreements, any rise in unjustified wholesale prices”, says, “or the withdrawal of access to the network to the OMV”. The AOTEC, fears of possible moments “blocking”, promises to be “vigilant” to denounce abuses that may occur.

To evaluate the decision of deregulation, Garcia Vidal believes that has been taken as the reference “still photos years ago in a sector that evolves dramatically every day without knowing with clarity the future”.

After the mergers of the past few years, the market is split mostly between four companies, leaving it to the OMVs with the 15 % participation. Not in vain, Orange bought Simyo and Jazztel. Movistar is made with Tuenti. Vodafone acquired Ono. And MasMóvil absorbed Yoigo and Pepephone.

“a Good part of those who before contributed to the competition and to give dynamism to the system have disappeared to these effects, although their trademarks continue to exist”, insists the AOTEC, which considers that the Mvnos that have survived are “in a position of weakness when negotiating with a few network operators which are competitors”.