Since its launch, Skyrim has been decorated as one of the best RPGs for many, and more and more players have been able to verify it in the different versions in which it has been published. In its PC version, particularly, there are numerous mods that have been published over the years. But now there is a truly surprising one with which its history will be seen in another way: the cooperative arrives in Skyrim.

The mod is compatible with Skyrim and other individual games In PCGamesN show us the mod that allows this option that you have probably imagined many times. In this way, we can play Skyrim with a family member or friend in a local cooperative. Its operation is simple, since it opens more than one version of the game and divides the inputs between the controls that you want to use. By polishing some small details, it will be possible to play in cooperative mode, or something similar, to the Bethesda game.

Indeed, this mod does not is exclusive to Skyrim, and can be used in any game that does not include local co-op by default. On the web they show titles like Bioshock or Brutal Legend . And in this way add a function that can always be recurrent to play in company from the same place.

If you are interested in learning more details for cooperative play in Skyrim , from this link you can access a document that explains the steps to follow.