The presence of the still president of the United States in social networks is increasingly reduced. YouTube was the last platform to confirm the suspension of your account.

«After careful review, and in light of concerns about the continued risk of violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel and issued a notice for violating our incitement to violence policies.» , the company has communicated through a statement that includes Associated Press . This is content dated January 12.

The fact that YouTube has issued a first notice means that the account will be suspended for at least one week .

Trump will not be able to upload content during this time and comments will not be allowed, although the channel will remain accessible.

If the violations of YouTube’s policy continue once the normal functioning of the account is re-established, the platform may issue new notices. YouTube has the power to terminate even expelling the offender.

Blocking Facebook and Twitter

The atmosphere in the United States has heated up in recent days. Allegations of electoral fraud after the November presidential elections have sparked riots . A week and a half ago a group of supporters of the Republican politician stormed the Capitol and five people died.

YouTube had already warned at the time that it was willing to impose blocks on accounts that spread disinformation through videos.

Facebook and Twitter , two of the main social networks, are other companies that have punished Trump’s language , accusations of fraud and incitement to revolts. The profiles of the outgoing president on Facebook and Instagram have been blocked indefinitely. And the Twitter account is also suspended permanently.