Europe and Latin America, closer than ever. This is what allows the submarine cable of EllaLink that today has anchored in the Portuguese town of Sines and that opens a new «corridor» for the transmission of data between the two continents, providing new opportunities to the European market.

The first shortest direct route between Europe and Latin America, avoiding the passage through third countries should be fully operational in the second quarter of 2021.

An unprecedented route that responds to the ever-increasing connectivity needs that the digital society in which we live increasingly requires.

Data, voice, Internet, applications … All this directly, between Europe and Latin America and a latency lower by 50% compared to the current infrastructure, reaching a real value of less than 60 ms between Portugal and Brazil.

We analyzed exclusively with Diego Matas, EllaLink’s Director of Operations in Spain the magnitudes of this operation, the new business channels it offers to companies and users and how it places Spain closer to become a nerve center of digital transformation.

-How is a deployment of such magnitude carried out? Kilometers of cable, transmission capacity, economic investment … What are the details of this operation?

The truth is that this network is unprecedented and, above all, it was very necessary. It comes to cover a gap that existed and that needed to be corrected. It was not logical that for the communication of data between South America and Europe, it would have to go yes or yes through the United States when, and this is very striking, for example, Spain is about 60 kilometers closer to Fortaleza (northwest of Brazil) than Miami.

That is what we wanted to show. It is the first direct connection between the two continents and for this we have deployed nearly 6,000 kilometers of cable and we have made an investment of 150 million euros.

We are talking about a last generation fiber optic cable with a capacity of 72 terabites of end-to-end capacity. It’s unprecedented.

A change in the delivery of services and applications

-What does this new means of communication imply at the company and user level?

Our submarine cable represents a before and after for many companies that have a presence in Latam, companies in the financial sector, telecommunications operators …

For example, Europe invests a lot in Latin America but, until now, when a European or Spanish company acquired a company there or opened an office, when trying to deploy its IT infrastructure, it was forced to assemble practically everything there from scratch, including data centers to keep the applications you need close by. This was because, due to the delay, it was impossible to serve its subsidiaries directly from Europe.

That is why I say that this connection was necessary, with it EllaLink changes the IT “delivery” model and will allow those applications, for example, to be “served” directly from European companies.

Imagine also the importance this can have for financial transactions, logistics companies, etc.

With our submarine cable we cut the delay in half and it is