in Addition in Spain, Snood also will lead in issues of regulatory compliance in Italy.

The information services company, and development of data analysis tools Experian has announced the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) Spain and also to Italy.

This position will be filled in by Paola Snood, who had previously been responsible for the regulatory compliance for Spain and the implementation of the project RGPD for the EMEA region. Now, as the DPO for Spain and Italy, will be the person who will lead the compliance monitoring in relation precisely to RGPD, which is the new General Regulation on Data Protection of the European Union that will be applied in may. You will also be responsible for compliance with the data protection regulations at the local level.

“In a company such as Experian, a provider of information services, it is crucial to have perfectly implemented all of the principles of data protection and privacy, as this is a prerequisite to ensure that our services are consistent with regulatory requirements, and that consumer data is protected”, says the own Snood.

“it Is a project of great value that I feel very proud not only of taking part, but for lead, in this area, key areas such as Spain and Italy”, he says. “this Is a very important moment, in which our role is going to be essential to the time to adapt to this new model from the RGPD, where the responsibility proactive on the part of the company it is essential to integrate the culture of regulatory compliance”.

as a Data Protection Officer to advise about the impact on products and services, will oversee the teams of customer service and will be the point of contact between the regulator and Experian.