Cabify offers free services and on Twitter calls not to share images of events.


In the last hours the news has been marked by the terrorist attack in Barcelona . On Thursday afternoon, a van stormed the Rambla running over dozens of pedestrians. Thirteen people have died and the wounded exceed one hundred. Already at dawn, five other terrorists were trying to repeat the action in Cambrils. The police were able to bring them down.

Faced with these events, Facebook hastened to activate its Safety Check tool , the security check with which the social network allows users in a conflict zone to inform their contacts that they are fine.

The company has also enabled a special page , a community space where users in the area can offer their services, either through their professional knowledge, either in the form of accommodation and transportation or simply as support.

There are also requests for help: in recent hours, there have been several requests for professional translators in hospitals where victims are being treated, since due to their status as an important tourist center, a large part of the victims are People from outside Spain. By mid-morning 37 publications had already been posted requesting help and more than 7,000 offering some service .

Another of the techies that have offered their services is Cabify . The transport platform has offered free trips to users in the city of Barcelona using a code. The reactions to the announcement on social networks have been diverse: from those who supported the initiative to those who were shaving it, noting that taxi drivers also transported free travelers.

Twitter , as usual, has been filled with comments and publications about the events, in addition to being the channel through which the Mossos d’Esquadra have been confirming information on the subject. In the microblogging network, requests have been repeated, also from official channels, that images of events were not shared, both out of respect for the victims and not to hinder the tasks of the security forces.