SentinelOne joins the show Fabric-Ready Fortinet, so that both companies will combine their solutions to protect network, application, cloud and mobile.

Fortinet and SentinelOne, known for its offering of cybersecurity and the protection of the endpoint, have decided to join forces to combat the advanced threats of today.

SentinelOne is incorporated tol program Fabric-Ready from Fortinet to combine their solutions. What they will do will be integrated advanced protection of the endpoint with the Security Fabric. This integrated solution will represent a complete architecture of security for network environments, application, cloud and mobile.

“Represents a significant step, at the global level, in the protection of the endpoint and in the replacement of the antivirus software legacy”, indicates Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne, who recalled that “the traditional antivirus products are not able to maintain the current pace of evolution of threats” and “the companies take too much time relying on solutions out of date”.

“Thanks to this alliance”, says, “customers of both companies can integrate the solution for the protection of the endpoint of new generation of SentinelOne, designed for to respond effectively to current threats”.

The answer to this type of problems should be “fast and coordinated,”, emphasizes the vice-president of products and solutions into Fortinet’s John Maddison. “Fortinet Security Fabric has a capacity to cover the entire enterprise infrastructure and the program of partners Fabric-Ready enables our customers to apply all the advantages of our architecture Security Fabric environments multivendor”, he adds, so that “work together with SentinelOne facilitates the integration of the protection of new generation of endpoint with our full, powerful and automated architecture Security Fabric”.

Fortinet and SentinelOne promise a defense of new generation automated. Both companies will work together and share roadmaps to ensure interoperability.