Both agencies will participate in information sessions and an expert on intelligence of threats of Fortinet will work in the Complex World of Innovation of the INTERPOL.

The security firm Fortinet and INTERPOL will work together against cyber threats, and the privacy issues.

this has been announced, referring to an agreement that formalizes your sharing knowledge, although it is true that both organizations already had a time to cooperate at the operational level.

Fortinet will form part of the information sessions INTERPOL, something that also happens on the contrary. The agreement also provides for the mapping of an expert on intelligence of threats of Fortinet that will work in the Complex World of Innovation INTERPOL.

in The end, the mission is to fight against the cybercrime proactively in all the world.

“The organizations continue to fight against the changing threats, an attack surface in expansion and a growing skills shortage in security. The application of the law, in particular, also can be hampered by the fact that cybercrime often crosses political boundaries and jurisdictional”, contextualizes Derek Manky, security strategist global at Fortinet, believes that “the intelligence threats actionable with global visibility is the best way to move from being reactive to proactive in a world where cybercrime has no borders”.

“No organization has a complete view of the security landscape”, warns Manky, “by which the exchange of threat information and collaboration between public and private organizations is fundamental”.

Silvino Schlickmann Jr., interim executive director of the Complex Global INTERPOL for Innovation, concurs that “the fight against cybercrime cannot be solved unilaterally by the forces of public order, but that is a joint responsibility that requires trust relationships with the private sector”.