Fortnite is topical this morning for some minor changes and improvements that you notice the title thanks to the recent revisions of Epic Games. In the first place, with a compensation to the fans for some of the problems of the Season 8.

"we Regret that some of the players have not been able to see the event", declared in reference to some fans who were not able to see the volcano Fortnite entering into rash. "Any player who has entered in the game mode of the event will receive the hang Gliding Arcane throughout the following days. To those who would have purchased the Delta Wing in their time, they will be returned to the turkeys".

as Well, and for the players who could not participate in the event, from Epic Games ensure "to be working to launch the files of repeating this to be able to see it from the customer".

on the other hand, this morning/early morning there have been problems of matchmaking in the game, but are already solved. "We are experiencing problems with the matchmaking service of the game, it is possible that you have longer queues than normal while we are working on a solution", commented from the official Twitter account before noticing that all the issues have been resolved.