During the third quarter of 2018, achieved revenues to the value of 23.400 million dollars.

The third quarter of 2018 ended with 3.2 million servers shipped, generating income by value of 23.400 million dollars for sellers.

This means growth of 18.3 % in units and 37.7 per cent in income compared to the third quarter of 2017, according to data provided by IDC. “The world market of servers once again generated a strong growth in revenues and unit shipments due to a refresh cycle ongoing business and a continuing demand for the providers of services in the cloud”, explains Sebastian Lagana, director of research Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies in IDC:.

it should Be noted that these 23.400 million marked the highest figure for a single quarter. And, also, that the Q3 is the fifth consecutive quarter in which it recorded double-digit growth in a matter of income.

The 17.5% of such income, provided by Dell Inc., who leads the classification of vendors. Follow HPE/New H3C Group, Inspur/Inspur Power Systems, Lenovo, and, tied, statistically, IBM, Huawei and Cisco. The income of Inspur/Inspur Power Systems experienced a growth rate of 156,5 %.

Dell Inc. it also tops the list of major vendors by units sent, with a share of 17.6 %. Up to the fourth order is the same as for the ranking income. Here the fifth place is shared by Huawei and Super Micro.