The vision of Aruba passes by prioritizing the user experience, securizarla and give freedom to choose the device that you want. And the cloud is not enough anymore to achieve this.

Special from Croatia

gone are the models mainframe and client-server, but with the unstoppable evolution of technology and users ‘ habits, the era of the model of “everything in the cloud” is also coming to an end as we know it.

The proliferation of mobile devices and sensors connected to the IoT is forcing companies to change the paradigm to be able to respond to the markets, both at the level of consumption as a business.

And is that the cloud is not enough anymore for various reasons. The main one is the distance between the large data centers where it resides, and the ends of the networks, end devices. More distance, higher latency between the points. This means that response times increase, which for some services is not feasible, especially any related to mission-critical work as the cars are connected, but in general for any field of the internet of things and the work environments.

therefore, companies have to zoom in to the devices connected to new computing capabilities and services that are smart without without directly depend on the cloud to do this.

Is what HPE Aruba called ‘intelligent edge’, or end smart, which can be applied to any type of environment, from the spaces of work in offices to public spaces or industrial. But always looking to improve the experience of users: “In five years, companies will be mobile, with the IoT as a part of the heart of their business. There is that improve the experience of users while reducing the costs of deployments and increasing its security”, stated, ‘ during Keerti Melkote, co-founder and CEO of Aruba Networks, during the last congress, Atmosphere EMEA 2018, held this year in Šibenik, Croatia.

Keerti Melkote, co-founder and CEO of Aruba, at the meeting with the press during the congress Atmosphere EMEA 18

The choice of location was not by chance. Aruba has there a customer that has deployed in the tourist resort of Amadria Park the WiFi technology of the latest generation of the manufacturer. And that was the location of the event to accommodate a few 1,300 professionals.

Preparing for the digital work environment

On this occasion, Atmosphere EMEA 2018 has not been characterized by launches of new products and solutions, but to bring attendees the trends that are reaching a speed of vertigo. Workspaces are increasingly mobile to adapt to new needs. But this implies necessary changes that must be addressed as soon as possible, as noted by Morten Illum, vice president of Aruba Networks for EMEA : “organizations have to give users freedom to choose the device they want » Wireless connections are phagocytizing the traditional Ethernet cable, so connectivity can never fail. If this resource fails, employee productivity drops dramatically. Therefore, wireless infrastructure is increasingly critical in any workplace.

Morten Illum, Aruba Vice President for EMEA
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For Aruba, mobility, the cloud and IoT are the big trends that are already being combined to improve productivity and efficiency , but it is something that also creates risks, so the Access control and security must be something innate in any network infrastructure worth its salt, from the end to the cloud, running through each segment. «That is why it is necessary to develop a holistic view of each environment to ensure that everything is contextualized and secure,» Illum added. The manager pointed out that Aruba is aware that customers often have technology needs from different manufacturers, so the key is to develop solutions and products based on open standards so that they can be integrated into that vision and global management of resources .

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that the physical spaces of the offices are also changing. “They are increasingly reduced due to employee mobility, but it is very important to carry out an in-depth design of where the networks, access points, etc. are placed. This detail is of great importance to improve the user experience, ”said Partha Narsimhan, CTO of Aruba Networks , during the meeting with the specialized press that attended the congress.

Partha Narsimhan, CTO of Aruba

taking Advantage of the celebration of the event in Croatia, the company made public the findings of the Study Digital Workplace, which reveals the benefits of making use of appropriate technologies for “unlock the potential of the digital workplace”. Must be technologies designed not only to accommodate the processes, but also to the people, to their experiences. Without a doubt must be «intelligent» technologies, capable of offering a high degree of autonomy and automation to manage connections and process the data that is generated every millisecond.

The study reveals that two out of every three employees believe that their organization runs the risk of being left behind if it does not integrate new technologies in the workplace. But in addition to that you have to do with security. 70% of the respondents admitted to have performed from their mobile devices any risky behaviors during the last year. And that means a great danger for the rest of the employees and to the data managed by the organizations.

In summary, the technology in the workplace is no longer just a tool to help people to do their work, is “a set which enables experiences adaptive and interactive that help to give shape to the identity of the culture of a company”, as concludes Aruba Networks.

organizations should adopt this new reality. The longer it takes to do so more risks will run their business. The current and future employees what they want as well and also need to improve their productivity and efficiency. But at the same time you need to implement technologies that can detect threats and respond to them automatically, without the need for human intervention from the first moment that it detects any risk. And that can only be achieved by making use of artificial intelligence in the end of the network, near devices through which may occur the security breaches.

Technology to the end-smart

During the Aruba Atomosphere EMEA 2018, the company showed the technology and solutions to give response to these trends. Below we highlight the main ones:

Smart Digital Workplace. Management of work environments to improve efficiency, service personalization, and productivity

Core to Edge Switching. Intelligent monitoring of the network and automation of the management of the data.

Analytical Security. Management of security policies for users and devices IoT with advanced detection of errors.

Location Services. Location-based services to improve, through WiFi and Beacons, the experience of the users.

Cloud & On-Premise Management. Based on the platform Aruba NetInsight, provides visibility of granular users and devices within the cloud, and traditional environments.

The portfolio of solutions from Aruba Networks shown during the Atmosphere EMEA 2018