If you have PS5 in your homes, or you have seen images of Sony’s next-generation console, you will have noticed the details of the thousands of little PlayStation logos that decorate the case of the console. Or, maybe not, since they are so tiny that it is difficult to see without looking at the details. The medium The Verge has delved into this subtle design detail of the Japanese company’s white console, revealing how 40,000 tiny textures have been added to the machine.

On your PS5 there are 40,000 micro-textures with the PlayStation icons If you hadn’t noticed until now, take a good look inside the PS5 palettes. They are not there by chance, even if they seem to be hidden. The LED status lights on the console let you know at a glance whether it is on, off or idle. And they also help to see reflected the tiny representations of the square, circle, triangle and cross buttons, iconic of the signature PlayStation . They can also be seen on the back of the remote DualSense .

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In the quoted medium, Yujin Morisawa and Takeshi Igarashi , the main responsible for the design of PS5 and DualSense, talk about the process when making this work of authentic craftsmanship, whose idea emerged years ago . It is difficult to see with the naked eye, but if we observe it with a zoom or a camera with high or microscopic magnification, we can see that the icons are not meaningfully linked, but rather are stacked on each other in different positions; even overlapping or rotated.

This results in the striking texture, which on the controller also serves to act as a grip , improving grip. «While it takes a considerable amount of time to prototype, the judgment of a product’s ‘okay or not’ is determined the moment it is seen and touched ,» say its responsible.

How are the PS5 micro-textures designed?

They created different prototypes, prioritizing which one provides more grip for the controller Morisawa himself says that he began to make sketches for the design of the «mini-icons» for PlayStation, and that many of them even created them by hand to later digitize and apply them in different prototypes of controls. They wanted it to be a comfortable and non-slip texture, with the requirement that it not be uncomfortable or rough , hindering comfort in long gaming sessions. In fact, Sony has shown the different plans for these micro-textures printed in real design that they used in their checks and tests. The problem was not the small size of the icons themselves, but the comfort and consistency to fit the parts in the mold.

To carry out the final finish, it is not done as an addition after production of the casing, but rather everything is part of the same process , where the plastic is added to a mold, melted and two plates compress it. Everything has been carefully studied so that, when the piece stands out, the icons do not deform and continue to maintain their design, thanks to micro-laser cuts on the edges. A process that is much more complicated than it may seem, since the symbols are of different sizes : some are half a millimeter wide and others are smaller, remaining at a microscopic size of 30 microns.

The final result can be seen on your PS5 and DualSense controllers . The designers indicate that there would be easier processes to do something similar, but in this way they ensure that all the controls have the same texture and that the experience, especially with the haptic controller, is identical for all users.

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