Considered one of the great exclusive of PS4, at the beginning of the year it began to be speculated with the possible launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, although until The date has not produced an official announcement in this regard. However, in the last hours alarms have returned to jump, while Amazon France has cited the launch of the video game on PC. Will there be an announcement soon?

At the beginning of 2020 already speculated on the premiere of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC For now neither Sony nor the authors of the veteran saga Killzone , the Guerrilla Games team, have ruled on this issue. It is also not possible to access the information published by Amazon, since its website in France no longer shows the Horizon: Zero Dawn card on PC. Simple error or filtering of an impending ad?

Weeks ago it was Kotaku’s well-known journalist Jason Schreier, who pointed to possible Horizon premiere Zero Dawn on PC , alluding to multiple sources close to Sony’s plans. At that time, it was already warned that the premiere would take place in Steam and Epic Games Store, thus fleeing from exclusives with some of the digital PC platforms.

 Horizon Zero Dawn Image: Complete Edition