Indie studio Three Dots and publisher Juvty Worlds have released new information from Interpoint , a puzzle game in the first person and with elements of terror and mystery . The video game, which had been released in 2019, has just had a kind of relaunch and shows new gameplay to celebrate. The game is currently only on Steam , but the study assures that will be released in consoles .

The Three Dots game has been remade in the last year and medium, and the studio has now released a new version with three levels, although it is still in Early Access. In the game we have to travel through parallel worlds with a special weapon, the Photon Gun , which will help us handle different elements and materials of the stage to advance and discover what happened in the Delta Laboratories.

«Over the past year and a half, our team of three people has reinvented every part of the game and has recreated it. We redesigned all the levels, many aspects of the game, puzzles, changed the visual style and effects, and most of the plot to make Interpoint better and more interesting. […] The full version of the game will include six chapters «, the study has indicated.

Three Dots aims to have the complete game for < b> late 2021 , although we wait for new news about this h istoria between parallel worlds . As we said, the game is available on Steam and the platform has received a fine from the European Union for regional blocks , although Valve has declared that thinks to protest against that resolution < / a>, since you don’t agree with it.