This chip is designed to withstand 5G simplified and boost the deployment of networks 5G on a large scale.

Before the celebration of the Mobile World Congress, 2019, Huawei has introduced “the first chip core in the world designed specifically for base stations 5G”.

Your name is Huawei TIANGANG and is characterized by its ability to withstand 5G simplified and the deployment of large-scale networks. Promises improvements to power level, bandwidth, and integration, by enabling power amplifiers and active arrays of antennas passive antennas of small size.

Among other things, is compatible with a 200 MHz bandwidth. A single chip is capable of controlling up to 64 channels.

“Huawei is committed to investing in science and technology since a long time ago”, has declared during the presentation, Ryan Ding, director of the executive board of Huawei and chairman of its Business Unit Operators. And, “today, we have capabilities leaders in the industry to offer 5G of end-to-end, with networks 5G simplified and operations and maintenance” also “simplified”.

With innovations such as Huawei TIANGANG chinese giant seeks lead “the commercial launch of the 5G” and to build “an industrial ecosystem mature”.

Huawei began deploying commercial networks to 5G last year. At the global level has already deployed more than 25,000 base stations for this new generation of technology and has signed thirty contracts commercial.