Year after year, the company that registers the most patents in the United States remains unchanged. And 2020 , no matter how many changes it brought, it was not going to be any different.

IBM again leads the list of applicants with a total of 9130 patents , which keeps it at the top 28 years later . Its scientists and researchers have worked tirelessly in areas such as the cloud, with more than 3,000 patents, artificial intelligence, with more than 2,300, or cybersecurity, with 1,400. They also stand out at the level of quantum computing.

«The world needs scientific thinking more than ever,» says Darío Gil, director of IBM Research. «IBM has remained committed to investing in research and development through both good times and challenging times.» The Blue Giant “has paved the way for building new products and pushing the frontiers of information technology, which has greatly benefited our customers and society,” he says.

«IBM’s culture of innovation is stronger than ever, thanks to our researchers around the world, who dedicate their daily effort to expanding knowledge of their respective fields,» says Gil.

In total, researchers from 46 states of the United States and 54 countries have contributed to the production of those more than 9000 patents between January and December of last year.

The total of IBM patents in the United States is already over 150,000.