Ibermática will be able to incorporate the solutions Elevenpaths programs of own development as Iberdok, Iberper, RPS or Olanet.

Ibermática and ElevenPaths have announced a collaboration agreement that will be the first to integrate and distribute products of the second.

Ibermática will integrate the solutions of the unit’s cybersecurity Telephone in their clients, but also incorporate software development as Iberdok, Iberper, RPS or Olanet. And be able to market the team.

this should expand the portfolio of clients of ElevenPaths. Move closer to the companies solutions SealSign, Latch and MobileConnect, providing signature documentary and also smart marking of virtual documents and physical copies.

The goal is to deliver “innovative products capable of transforming the concept of security and in this way, we go a step ahead of the attackers, each time more present in the digital life”, according to the official press release.