Through a press release Intel has announced the appointment of Pat Gelsinger as the new CEO, a job he had been performing at the helm of VMware until now .

Current Intel CEO Bob Swan will continue in his role until February 15. With this appointment from the most popular processor manufacturing company, the aim is to overcome the good performance shown by the latest results released, corresponding to the last quarter of 2020, in the process of transition to 7-nanometer technology. < / p>


Gelsinger is a prominent and highly respected figure in the technology sector, with more than 30 years of experience within Intel, where he began his professional career . He has a long history as a leader in innovation, talent development and, of course, has a wealth of insight into the ins and outs of Intel. His main value of him is the culture of leadership and the enhancement of talent . Omar Ishrak, an independent member of the Intel board of directors, has expressed the confidence of said body in the election of Gelsinger to this position after careful consideration of his merits.

Specifically, he cites his engineering experience as especially relevant in a delicate transition moment such as the current one at Intel, with the intention of preserving its leadership in the industry in the midst of a period of change in the computer architecture.

From VMware and before

The position that Gelsinger had been holding in recent times was that of CEO of VMware, where since 2012 he has been in charge of achieving a profound transformation of the company, making it a global leader in Cloud infrastructure, mobility for companies and cybersecurity , making it triple the annual benefits.

Prior to this position he was COO at EMC Information Infrastructure Products, overseeing the engineering processes and operations of information storage, backup, enterprise solutions and RSA security.

In his initial professional stage at Intel, for 30 years he was in charge of a wide variety of tasks and projects, highlighting his participation in the creation of key technologies such as USB or WiFi, being also the architect of the processor original 80486 and leader of the development programs for the Core and Xeon processor families .


On his part, Gelsinger is excited about his return to Intel, and also to lead the company at a time that he describes as very important «for the company, our industry and our country.» He recognizes the influence that the team he worked with for so many years had on his career and is proud of the privilege of being able to reverse what he has learned over the years with his leadership skills. He claims to be aware of Intel’s potential to continue reshaping the future of technology while accelerating innovation and value creation for customers and shareholders.


Omar Ishrak also had a word of gratitude for the work of the still CEO of Intel, Bob Swan, «for his leadership and significant contribution throughout this period of transformation» in the company. Leadership that has allowed relevant progress in the transformation strategy of an XPU multi-architecture company, extending Intel’s influence and action to a market that is always rapidly and dynamically transforming.