Josef Fares is one of those creatives who say what they think without much consideration. We especially remember him for his famous « Fuck the Oscars «at The Game Awards gala a few years ago. It Takes Two , his next project, will arrive shortly. The creative has granted an interview to the GamingBolt portal where he was asked about the game and about a possible release on Nintendo Switch . And he has been quite blunt with his answer.

It Takes Two is going to be released on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC . Nintendo’s hybrid console is not on that list, and although quite technically powerful games have been released on Switch, aided by cloud power, Fares indicates that he does not believe the console is capable of running his new game. / p>

In cooperative games there are a lot of’ shits’ on screen at the same time Josef Fares But due to the aspect and theme of the game it is They will inevitably ask about his arrival on Nintendo Switch. The creator of Brothers and A Way Out has been blunt: «We have no plans to launch it. I’m not sure we can do it People forget that we do split-screen games with a lot of shit in them, «Fares said in his usual no-minded tone. «It’s already it costs us a lot to make the game work on the previous generation consoles because there are a lot of things on the screen,» he says, referring to the PS4 and Xbox One version.

We will see the result of Josef Fares’s new work from next March 26 , the date on which It Takes Two will teach its full potential and we will better understand everything related to its limitations. The game will be a cooperative adventure, as A Way Out already was, in which the story of Cody and May, a couple that divorces after several years of relationship , is told, and where the narrative and the gameplay go hand in hand to offer an original experience. We tell you all about this love story in the next report .