Lenovo’s new laptops and desktops include a more secure authentication system than passwords.


Times change in the authentication plane , and just like smartphones, computers go to bet on new methods that are more efficient and secure than passwords.

Lenovo laptops and desktops can claim to be the first in the market to offer advanced authentication integrated into computers , so users can have more secure access to them.

To achieve this, they have chosen to include Intel 7th and 8th generation processors that are compatible with the Intel Online Connect service , which will allow authentication through the fingerprint .

In that sense, the service will offer users the ability to easily access websites such as Google, Facebook and PayPal, since will only need to scan their fingerprint instead of having to use a password .

The list of Lenovo computers on which Intel Online Connect can be downloaded and installed includes laptops and desktops, such as Yoga 920, IdeaPad 720S, ThinkPad X1 Tablet (second generation) and ThinkPad T570 models , among others.