Apple Arcade is the solution of the company founded by Steve Jobs to offer entertainment to users of the iOS operating system, but that leaves out users of the Xbox platform. Or I would leave, because the company founded by Bill Gates has already discovered how to be present there too.

In a meeting with Microsoft employees this Wednesday, Phil Spencer himself, director of the company’s games division, announced plans for that Game Pass can also be enjoyed on the iPhone and iPad , with the goal set in 2021 as the time when this is possible. And the answer would be relatively «simple»: use an app run from the browser .

With a blunt « we will definitely be on iOS «, Spencer announced the project, citing next year as the date for streaming with Game Pass to also be available for Windows 10, although Microsoft does not know has confirmed nothing officially and Apple has not made any statement in this regard.

In the style of other monthly subscription services, Game Pass added last month the possibility of accessing a wide catalog of video game titles available for users from both the Xbox console and PC computers, adding the possibility of enjoy them in streaming format from Android devices , without needing a computer or console. But only on Android.


Platformer Battle

iPhone or iPad users cannot enjoy these streaming services offered by Game Pass (Microsoft) or Stadia (Google) due to the impossibility of reviewing the video game catalog available on both platforms, and it is an inherent feature of Apple to thoroughly review each app and each title available in its application and content store. A daunting task that Cupertino is (understandably) unwilling to tackle, especially to the benefit of the competition.

The former director of the Apple App Store, Phil Shoemaker, already warned in his day that Apple would not allow platforms such as Game Pass to enter its application store because they would represent a direct competition with its own subscription service video game monthly , Apple Arcade.

From Cupertino they indicate that Game Pass or Stadia would be allowed to be in the Apple App Store only if each of the video games is presented in an individualized and autonomous app format, but Microsoft does not see that option viable and instead seems to have found the right Solomonic solution: bet on the browser as a vehicle on which to bring Game Pass to iPhone and iPad .