Since Massive Entertainment has spent several years working with minor projects, it is hard to believe that they are capable of dealing with not only the one already huge The Division 2 , but also other new triple A projects < / b>. But both the Swedish studio and Ubisoft seem to be comfortable with this model of parallel developments: so much so, that the great looter will continue to receive content for the foreseeable future.

Massive seems more than ready to face several developments at the same time This is what has been commented in the last fiscal review of the editor, as collected by the independent analyst Beji Sales on Twitter. More specifically, we are talking about the arrival of new playable material both for 2021 and 2022 , which means, of course, that 2023 is the first year that is questioned on the sheet of TD2 path.

It is also worth noting that the term «content» is very broad: it is not clear whether We will be limited to small events such as the recent collaboration with Resident Evil and the news that we expect from each season, or if we will have any new expansion in the style of Warlords of New York , which arrived last year with new villains, explorable spaces and missions.

The new Massive games

In addition to ongoing support for The Division 2, Massive Entertainment is also facing the development of Avatar 2 — which has been spreading over time as movies are also delayed in Disney planning — and we recently learned that they have a new open world game based on Star Wars on the way. It’s part of a massive plan to extend the reach of Lucasfilm franchises to other partners in the video game industry.