We are already in 2021 and that means that the blue hedgehog most famous in the world turns 30 . Sonic, the character that SEGA created to compete with Mario and Nintendo , has a large following and is one of the most beloved in the world of video games. In December, Netflix escaped that is preparing a Sonic animation series , but we didn’t know much more.

In fact, as we said, this was considered an oversight on the part of the production company, because it deleted the information after communicating it. So there really is there is no official announcement yet, and we don’t know anything about the series. Now, thanks to the comic writer Ian Flynn , we have learned something else, which will still need to be confirmed when Netflix and SEGA tell more about the project.

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In a podcast question and answer session BumbleKast , the subject of the Sonic series came up, and after making a couple of jokes, Flynn said that the series had nothing to do with it featuring Sonic comics from IDW Publishing . These books have been published since 2018 and Flynn is one of the writers , so, in principle, the information should be taken as something totally real , although we insist that we bring you all official when it comes out.

In the minute 35 , Flynn commented «Oh yeah, there’s also that [the series], which is not based on the IDW books «. Therefore, we will see what SEGA and Netflix have prepared for us, although this information adds up, since the story is expected to be totally original . As we mentioned, this year is the Sonic 30th anniversary and we can expect a lot of news, including new games .