«Due to the global need for reliable and secure digital communication and online meeting tools, we are committed to providing every TeamViewer user with easy-to-use meeting functionality directly from their TeamViewer client.» < / p>

Christoph Schneider, TeamViewer Director of Product Management, has announced the free integration of the TeamViewer Meeting application (formerly known as Blizz) so that users can start meetings at the click of a button from the TeamViewer application itself.

This function will be available without the need for facilities both for non-commercial users , who will be able to hold online meetings of up to five people, and for paying customers , who will have a limit of ten people. A series of optional packages will allow you to increase the meeting size up to 50, 100 and 300 members.

TeamViewer Meeting is a video conferencing solution that offers end-to-end encrypted VoIP, via computer or mobile phone and directly from the contact list, with features such as high definition video, 4K multi-monitor screen sharing, integration with Outlook, meeting recording and password protection.