The plugins that are added to browsers, especially Chrome, facilitate tasks and offer surprising, unsuspected functionalities that make tasks easier or make the use of platforms and tools more comfortable, but for virtual meetings with people with whom We have language differences, a very convenient solution has appeared.

Google Meet users will be able to perfectly understand their interlocutors when they speak to them in another language with accents that are difficult to understand, but they will also be able to count on a transcription of their words in real time . All this thanks to an extension added by available in Teams recently of one month. This function has been available for a longer time on other platforms, such as the popular Zoom, although in this case only in the paid version.

Until now there were two tools provided by Google itself: Meet Transcripts and Meet Transcribe, which handled this task only for the Chrome browser. has developed a plugin (at the moment only available for the English language) that is added to Chrome, recording the conversation as an audio file and that we can activate when starting a meeting through Meet. By activating the Otter icon, it begins to subtitle the words of our interlocutor, which we can read in the Live Notes panel. A transcription that we can even stop, as if it were an audio or video file, by pressing an icon pause .

All the subtitles are stored in a transcript that we can consult later from the website, being able to review it, correct it (in case there were any errors), share it, add images or even search based on words key .

Free with limits

This plugin offers its real-time transcription functions for free up to a total of 600 minutes per month in sessions of a maximum of 40 minutes in duration , but plans are available payment that reaches 6,000 monthly minutes and session recordings of up to 4 hours.