Dell, HP and Lenovo have several lines of PC-based chips Ryzen PRO, but with a common denominator: all of them bring efficiency and security in corporate environments.

Special from New York

The last day, on the 29th of August, took place in New York the presentation of the new equipment for Lenovo, Dell, and HP based on the processor Ryzen PRO AMD. Ryzen PRO is not a novelty as such: it is based on the architecture of Zen for the processor cores, enhanced several orders of magnitude compared to the previous architecture of AMD, and there are added technologies and features related to security, management and reliability, according to what the market demands professional, unlike the needs of the domestic market, less exposed to problems and are less demanding in terms of workload or usage models of the systems and equipment.

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During the presentation, AMD took share the technical details and strategic Ryzen PRO, as well as its repertoire of solutions both in the section of professional graphics (Radeon Pro Vega) as processors for servers (Epyc), the own Ryzen Pro and Ryzen.

Ryzen Pro, at the level of strategy, involves entering into a very attractive market for any manufacturer to: have its processors and technologies on computers within large corporations, or vertical such as health, education or public administration. Supposed to both ensure sales, so as to improve the reputation of AMD, as well as to demonstrate on the ground the virtues of its new generation of processors.

on A technical level, Ryzen PRO supposed to add to the advantages of its architecture Zen security technologies that demand the corporate market, such as the 128 bit encryption, the remote management DASH or Technology AMD GuardMI without forget the compatibility fTPM and TPM 2.0 or secure boot to protect the BIOS during system boot.

Another important element is the compatibility with DASH for the remote management of the park of computers at the company. With Dash you can take account of the settings of the computers connected to the corporate network.

Companies such as HP have already made inroads into these security features, but Ryzen PRO integrates by default as part of the commercial platform Ryzen for corporate applications.

A stable platform

Another differential element for the corporate market and professional is the stability of the platform. Companies need to have the security that they will be able to recover the investment or pays off adequately and with Ryzen PRO, AMD guarantees the stability of the images for 18 months. That is to say, the departments IT will be able to rely on in case of problems will be able to restore a saved image, even though they have past months since the installation of the equipment in the office.


 in Addition, the processors PRO are chosen in a special way at the time of processing the wafer with the manufacturing technology of 14nm employed in the manufacture of Ryzen. This selection is performed as part of the premises corporate processors Ryzen PRO, and possibly face to cycles of working close to 24/7.

The response from manufacturers

Up to here the theory. Ryzen PRO is a processor known, with six variants to date, from Ryzen 7 PRO 1700X until Ryzen 3 PRO 1200 with four cores, going by Ryzen 5 with six and four cores, depending on the particular model that let’s talk.

What’s interesting is to see what proposals exhibited in the catalogues of the manufacturers of corporate teams. Lenovo. HP and Dell have moved tab from the day 1 of release, each one in its style, offering different configurations and form factors and enhancing especially the facet of the performance as one of the differentiating elements of Ryzen in front of Intel.

Performance in absolute value or performance in relative value, according to price of equipment for a given performance. That is to say, for an equivalent performance between the proposed Ryzen PRO and with Intel processors, in principle the proposal for AMD will be more economic. Or seen another way: for the same price, the proposals Ryzen PRO will render more than the equivalent of Intel.

of course, this is the theory. In practice there are more variables in play. All in all, Ryzen, whether PRO or not, have on the performance of multi-thread one of their tricks more interesting, especially if we are faced with tasks that benefit from this performance from the use of applications that take advantage of the presence of more cores on a computer.

Let’s look in a little detail what specific proposals offered by Lenovo, Dell and HP in the face of this first wave of teams Ryzen PRO.

Lenovo, a full repertoire based on AMD

Lenovo has a range of solutions based on technology from AMD, in which Ryzen PRO brings a plus of performance and security within the range of desktop computers with small form factor (SFF) and tower for the pattern in ThinkCentre M715. The version “mini” or Tiny of this model still includes only AMD processors PRO, with integrated graphics.

it Is precisely the absence of processors Ryzen PRO with integrated graphics that limits the presence of computers mini in the repertoire of solutions based on these new processors from AMD.

Lenovo has also announced a new series (with “To” of AMD) of the equipment ThinkPAD in the  25th anniversary of this family of laptops, but again it comes down to  processors Bristol Ridge PRO, and not Ryzen PRO, whose laptop versions are planned for within a few months., to include even laptops with AMD processors in its family ThinkPad within the new family “To”.

Dell also relies on Ryzen PRO

Dell has chosen the family OptiPlex to locate your proposal Ryzen PRO. Like Lenovo, account with tower format and format SFF for Dell OptiPlex 5055. Again, the absence of integrated graphics in Ryzen PRO limits the possibilities of the manufacturers, but in exchange you have computers with dedicated graphics (in this case, also from AMD), in which the performance is one of their selling points.

Dell already has solutions AMD, but in the part of consumption within the family Inspiron, or on the part of servers with proposals based on Opteron without forgetting the Alienware for gaming. The OptiPlex 5055 is the proposed corporate in which arguments such as management, security, reliability and performance are key to the business clients.

The model SFF can be attached to the rear of a flat screen, so you get an interesting reduction of space on the desktop, although the factor ide form optimal for this type of mounting would be to use a processor with integrated graphics, eliminating the need to use a dedicated graphics card.

HP, improving the present

HP has chosen to add Ryzen PRO to its already well-known proposal HP EliteDesk 705 G3, in which we find processors AMD PRO-based on the previous architecture to Zen, Bristol Ridge. The performance is a key element, to the point that the 705 G3 with Ryzen PRO is the first AMD computer is certified to work with virtual reality applications in the catalog of HP.

At HP, security aspects such as the protection of BIOS in the boot time were already covered as of technologies of the own HP, although now the security technologies of Ryzen PRO are added to the above to offer to your customers a plus of possibilities in this field.

in Addition, HP maintains the customization options of equipment depending on the needs of their customers, as well as all of your repertoire of accessories.

the format of The EliteDesk 705 G3 are, as in previous cases, the SFF and mini tower.


Ryzen PRO brings to the company the virtues of Ryzen: a performance multi thread exceptional, especially when compared with the proposed equivalent within Intel.  Having up to 8 physical cores and 16 threads is perfect for scenarios in which performance is key. By the use of applications of multimedia authoring, design or scientific that does not require the use of a workstation, but benefit from greater processing power. Or by the use of the equipment in scenarios that multi-task where you have multiple applications running, Ryzen PRO brings an interesting value for the company.

The security technologies, the care in the stability of the platform in order to facilitate the work of maintenance to the departments IT and the reliability of the solutions based on this platform are essential to enter the corporate market, and Ryzen PRO the provides, but the trick is most relevant is the performance in absolute value or the relative performance compared to solutions by Intel.

What is lacking are solutions Ryzen with integrated graphics, and solutions Ryzen for laptops. The challenge for AMD will be the improve in successive iterations of the architecture Zen performance per core. Although Ryzen is superior to Intel thanks to the presence of multiple cores, the performance compared to applications that use only a single core is better on Intel. For processors portable or for solutions with integrated graphics, with less “space” for the CPU cores, the performance comparison between Ryzen and Intel may not be as beneficial to AMD.

In any case, it is an observation based on testing with Ryzen in front of Intel, in order to fit the pieces together in the business segment where Ryzen PRO starts its journey. For the moment, it is a great face to offer alternatives to solutions Intel. It is hoped that good sized price, so that asserting the advantage in performance for solutions that are equivalent, or in the form of teams with a superior performance in terms of absolute value.

below, a gallery with the highlights of the presentation of the new AMD Ryzen Pro in New York: 


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  The new AMD Ryzen Pro chips are based on the manufacturer's own ZEN architecture