A recent study places Spain’s broadband connection network in seventh place in the world in terms of speed.

This is an analysis of the Internet connections of 35 countries that are part of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and has taken into account additional circumstances such as the average monthly cost of fixed band connections width, average download speed, average upload speed and average time it takes to download an hour of streaming TV content.

The study provided by Digitaloft reveals that Spain is located in seventh place, with an average download speed of 160.41 Mbps , an average upload speed of 137.85 Mbps and a time of 2:30 minutes to download an hour of streaming television.

The ranking is led by Switzerland, with an average download speed of 186.40 Mbps (the fastest in the table) and an upload speed of 119.63 Mbps, requiring 2:09 seconds to download an hour of streaming television content ( also the shortest time). Although in the total average it is located in sixth place, South Korea is the country with the highest upload speed: 154.70 Mbps. Between Switzerland and Spain are located Denmark, France, Hungary, the United States and South Korea.

Among the 35 countries the one that appears in last place is Turkey, with 28.74 Mbps in download and 13:55 minutes to download an hour of television streaming, behind only Greece, with an upload speed of 7, 60 Mbps, respectively the lowest data in the entire table.
Differences also in price
Regarding the average price of broadband connections, the most expensive is that of Switzerland, with € 48.98 per month being the lowest that of Lithuania, with € 10.97. Spain is also in the leading group here, having the fifth most expensive monthly rate, with € 40.92, ranking behind the aforementioned country Helvetic and from Canada Ireland and New Zealand.
As can be seen, there seems to be an obvious relationship between the average price of the connection and its speed, confirming that you get what you pay for , although that statement should be reformulated with cases such as of Hungary (169.52 Mbps), where the maximum download speed is very similar to that of Spain (160.41 Mbps) but we (€ 40.92 per month) pay three times for the connection than in the Magyar country (13 € 08) and in Switzerland (186.40 Mbps) pay € 48.98.
These variations could be attributed, among other circumstances, to the differences between the standard of living and the average income in each country. Thus the average annual salary in Switzerland is € 54,949.39, in Spain € 31,993.76 and in Hungary € 21,646.43.