Fiber optic networks are followed extending by Spain. The FTTH connections , from fiber to the home, currently exceed 11.4 million .

This is revealed by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), based on data from November 2020. Those 11.4 million are 1 , 4 million more than in November 2019 < / strong>.

Movistar is the company with the greatest prominence . 40.2% of the FTTH lines that exist in our country, that is, 4.6 million, bear his name.

This is more evident in some regions than in others. Telefónica has confirmed < / a> that its fiber optic network reaches 98% of the inhabitants of the Community of Madrid. Its 179 municipalities have coverage. The national average is 85%. The company’s goal is to reach 100% of Spanish households by 2025.

As FTTH lines expand, DSL lines are lost. In the last twelve months counted its presence in Spain has been reduced by 800,000 lines .