In recent days, the executive of Square Enix is very entertaining giving explanations about the business model Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sure you already know that you are going by episodes, right? They have talked about deadlines and the number of chapters that you may end up having this revision of the classic JRPG.

we do not know ourselves how many episodes there will be"we don’t even know them", answered Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy series, the well-known journalist Jason Schreier when he consulted in reference to the number of chapters that may end up taking the game. Recently, in fact, you had the part of the story that will cover the first chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake, although blending will be quite longer than what that same fragment of the game assumed in the original title.

"When we started to plan the argument of the first game, we decided that it would be best to focus in Midgar, and what happens here. Unfortunately, we can not say anything more about the upcoming games because neither ourselves what we know", explained the producer.

yes, Kitase makes it clear that the thing neither will go faster from now on in terms of development, each of these games takes a lot of work. "we Hope that development more efficient in a future release, although I don’t expect that to be drastically more short", said the executive, remembering that the characters and the mechanics are done, but that the scenarios take a lot of work behind their backs.

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