SAYS has detailed what these are other of the new features of this major update, which has as protagonists to the command clone of the Republic, which are "armed with the rifle, repeating blaster DC-17M and an accessory antiblindaje, which provides a flexibility lethal, to cope with both objectives heavy as light", as you can read in his official website.

In the new scenario of war, Felucia, the authors of the Battlefield series stress that it is an environment with "vegetation in the form of tentacles and mushrooms that explode, creating a toxic cloud when you shoot them and lots of bright colors", what makes it a spectacular setting. Of course, there will be the own fauna of the place, including a pit of the sarlacc giant. "don’t fall within", joke from the studio.

finally, get on the 11 to the 18 of October, players will be able to get the outfit of a farmer of Luke Skywalker, in the style of the first film in the series.