In a statement sent to the SEC (Stock Exchange Commission, the US Securities Market Commission), the automaker Tesla has communicated the acquisition made in Bitcoins worth 1.5 billion dollars. This has made it necessary to adapt the investment policy of the company founded by Elon Musk. The reason is the search for alternatives in assets that serve as reserves, which to date included assets and gold.

Tesla currently has liquid assets that are around 19,000 million dollars and the company recognizes that with this investment movement they are looking for

Additionally, and framed in this investment policy that is close to cryptocurrencies, the company has announced that the acquisition of a Tesla vehicle will be able to be paid with Bitcoins soon. Always, he clarifies, within the margins of the law and in a very limited way when they begin to do so. This makes Tesla the first car brand to officially buy its vehicles by paying in Bitcoins.

With a note of caution, it has also warned about the dynamic, unpredictable and fluctuating liquidity of Bitcoin, with an important component of uncertainty that the automotive company is aware of.

The Tesla statement has not taken long to be reflected in the price of the virtual currency, which in just a few minutes has gone from trading around $ 39,000 to marking a peak above $ 44,000, an increase of 12% .