The Pokémon saga < / a> is celebrating its anniversary: ​​on February 27, the original Red and Green cartridges celebrate 25 years since their launch in Japan. From The Pokémon Company they have long anticipated the celebration of this event, although their plans were somewhat confusing: Diamond and Pearl remakes, at last? Something completely different? While waiting for official news, the first details of what 2021 brings us have arrived.

The first novelty is a commemorative video , which you can see attached to the news. It is a nice review of video games, cards, collectibles and animated episodes that have marked history; and culminating in the announcement of a collaboration with singer Katy Perry . With the tagline «every party needs a song list», we await further details about this and more artist associations.

There will be more musical collaborations and with other companies What we do know for sure ( via Serebii) is that we will have products from brands such as Build-a-Bear, Levi’s, McDonald’s, General Mills, Jawards, Scholastic, Mattel, Funko, PowerA and The Wand Company. We talked about the latter last month: it will put on sale a Poké Ball replica , although its price has put off many interested parties. If you are not among them, you can reserve it now, by the way.

On the other hand, games like Pokémon GO and Pokémon Masters EX will have their own themed events, details of which will progressively arrive in the coming months. Regarding playable news, fans and insiders rumorean about a Direct scheduled for the anniversary date, information that you have to hold with tweezers but that seems entirely plausible: it is, neither more nor less, the direction that the franchise has taken in the past.