Some are looking forward to it, and others are not supporting it; but it is clear that the Monster Hunter movie will not leave anyone indifferent follower of the saga. If you are among the first, yes, we have bad news for you: its release in theaters has been delayed a couple of months. Sony Pictures confirms on networks that the feature film will hit theaters in Spain on March 26 instead of January 29, as originally planned.

If you have that date circled in red on the calendar, that’s because it coincides with the release of Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch, which means that that day you will have Rathalos for a while. Actually, 2021 points to a key year for the franchise: remember that «a few months after» Rise’s debut, a Monster Hunter Stories 2 connected to this new installment in ways that have not yet been specified.

You can prepare for some of these events from now on: the movie has its own collaboration event in Monster Hunter World , in which you can play Captain Artemis for a couple of missions and get a transmogrification of her signature armor. For its part, Rise has released a demo in eShop that you can download for free until the beginning of February, with rewards for the final version . We’ll still have to wait a bit to break down all the details about Wings of Ruin, though.

The Monster Hunter movie, directed and written by Paul WS Anderson (Resident Evil) leads Milla Jovovich to play a lieutenant in the United States Army trapped in the New World with her men, after being sucked into a portal. To return home, she teams up with a monster hunter (Tony Jaa) and faces well-known creatures from the series. During his time in the US he has achieved lead the lockers , with some modesty.