The irruption of the pandemic in our lives since March 2020 has forced us to change our habits, both work and personal. For those of us who have been able, teleworking has meant being able to continue carrying out our work and trying to maintain the operations of the companies to which we belong. And we have achieved it thanks to technology, without a doubt .

That is one of the reasons why PC sales have skyrocketed in Spain by 27% in the absence of data for the fourth quarter of the year, as explained Intel at the traditional press conference after the Christmas break.

Until Q3, Spain has sold about 450,000 computers between laptops and desktops, although the former have attracted attention with growth of € 31, while desktop sales have increased by around 16%, as stated by Jesús Sánchez Paniagua, Intel’s director of consumption for Southwest Europe .

And that change in habits will continue to be present for some time as we have returned to using the personal computer more regularly both professionally and personally, including especially the playful section, as Sánchez stressed: “ During the pandemic, the PC is being essential in daily life. It has become a basic necessity ”. A clear example of this is that the Government of Spain included computer stores in that small group of establishments that could remain open during the confinement declared as of March.

During that time, demand and density grew to meet the needs of users for both work and study and entertainment. Not only that, but the average price of purchased PCs rose visibly. « Consumers have become more demanding and have even spent an average of two more hours a day in front of the screen «, added the manager. According to their data, laptops with a 14-inch screen already account for 25% of sales.

Beyond chips for PCs and servers

For some years now, the guidelines set by Intel have gone beyond the design and manufacture of chips for personal computers and servers. It is true that, historically, these are the main segments of its business, but also that the manufacturer seeks to redefine the role of technology in a world marked by data . «We want to create technology that changes the world and improves the lives of all the people on earth,» declared Norberto Mateos, CEO of Intel Spain .

To achieve this, it is necessary to extract the value of all the data that is used. According to the manufacturer’s calculations, 2.5 quintillion bytes are generated every day, but only a tiny amount is being used . «Data has enormous potential and it is a challenge that must be turned into an opportunity,» said Mateos.

Intel’s goal is to offer semiconductors capable of improving data processing in fields such as artificial intelligence , 5G , the transformation of networks and intelligent endpoints (Edge Computing) . The latter are generating more and more valuable information for organizations that must be processed and analyzed automatically, practically without the need for human intervention.

A clear example of this effort was the acquisition of Habana Labs a little over a year ago