The past few months have been hard for everyone, everywhere. The reason is clear, the COVID-19 has been (and continues to pose) a danger to all, although after a long period of confinement, the world of work begins to return to the "normal". This is the case with the series of The Witcher, produced by Netflix, which will resume the filming of its second season in August.

After halting production in mid-march, the filming dates of The Witcher remained in limbo, with some indications that pointed to autumn for restarting, and other fechaban for the next few weeks. At the end matched the seconds as the team of The Witcher will meet again August 17 to work on the second season of her series:

hand-Jaskier, and with some rhymes worthy of the bard, the official account of The Witcher confirms the return of filming to mid-August. A series that attracted more than 76 million households in his first season (according to Variety), and whose release prompted pleasantly the sales of its games and books in the united States.

For the moment, the second season of The Witcher on Netflix expected for 2021 on a date to be determined, although its leaders have already confirmed that will have no temporary jumps between its frames as in the first season. This year it has also been announced that There will be a new game from The Witcher after Cyberpunk 2077 , but as we await more details about this season of the series, check out analysis of The Witcher 3 .