Now analysts can generate diagrams in Visio from Excel data and, on that basis, to expedite its findings.

Microsoft has introduced a functionality of data analyzer in your software diagramming Visio. As announced by the company, this analyzer is now available for those using Visio Pro for Office 365.

Thanks to this feature it will be possible to generate process diagrams in Visio from Excel data. It is something that can be done with predefined templates or customized with the help of a wizard. In addition, the diagram will remain  linked to the Excel table in such a way that, if the underlying data changes, the diagram is updated.

“In the day-to-day many charts do not always start in Visio,”, explains Microsoft. “they often begin as hand-drawn sketches or on the basis of the data managed in Excel, through data of great value to the organizations”.

“Using the display of data”, continues the firm of Redmond, “the business analyst can represent process steps and associated metadata in a table structured Excel, and quickly convert that information into a Visio diagram, that allows you to draw conclusions of a more quick and intuitive”.