With millions of people spending more time at home than usual since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, sales of computing devices have exploded. And this will continue for a few months.

The consulting firm IDC estimates that PC sales in the EMEA region which includes Spain will grow this year by 12.7% to 82.1 million units.

IDC takes into account desktop computers as well as laptops and workstations. In the specific case of Western Europe , experts predict a year-on-year improvement of 7.1% in commercial shipments and 28% in those of the consumer market during the fourth quarter .

This has to do with confinements and mobility restrictions in different countries, which increase the demand for technology to work, study and consume leisure from home . Laptops are a star product, but other formats such as desktops allow, for example, to play games with performance.

As the health crisis does not appear to be reversed immediately, PC shipments will remain strong predictably during the first half of 2021 .