In the middle of a crisis for the coronavirus, video games have become one of the main sources of entertainment from within the home. But the role-playing, the traditional paper-and-pencil, also have their place in these dates, even when you are not able to bring together all the players in a same place. In Wizards of the Coast are aware of the situation, and have published a series of tips to play Dungeons & Dragons to remotely, safely, and without losing an iota of fun.

The website of WotC has been updated with a brief guide for those who want their dose of D&D in these uncertain dates. In the first place, and of course, the company recommends that you download the basic rules for the fifth edition of the game through their website, a PDF of 180 pages with all the relevant information, which can be free download on the link above. Subsequently, and in the absence of a tavern in which to meet, Wizards of the Coast offers some tools online as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, as well as DnD Beyond, to manage the game and the maps.

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