After a decade of life, this platform has a community of more than 1 million members and a presence in 195 different countries with about 270.000 online stores.

PrestaShop has been increased. Today, coinciding with the celebration of the PrestaShop Day Paris, this eCommerce platform celebrates its tenth birthday.

During the last ten years has been reaching different milestones by which the own Bruno Lévêque, founder, feel surprised. Not in vain, PrestaShop was born as their project of end of career. Be the project of a young man of 23 who sought to help those who were selling by the internet has gone to the “top 5 of the world’s leading platforms eCommerce”.

“From the first day, the open source occupied a central place in the project and between my values, but I thought to gather a few tens of contributors: today we have several tens of thousands!”, highlights Lévêque.

“in The same way, the internationalization was planned”, says “but at the beginning I thought in some 10 countries. Today, PrestaShop is used in more than 195 countries. And, finally, thought to create a community of between 10,000 and 20,000 members, today, with over 1 million“.     

To these figures we must add also the number of stores online active around the world, that include above the 270,000.