The most expensive components of this smartphone are the screen, the baseband processor and the application processor.


This year the invention of the iPhone is ten years old, and news is expected from Apple in the field of smartphones .

Waiting for Cupertino’s firm to reveal its next bet in the mobile market, the iPhone 7 (and its older brother iPhone 7 Plus) is the last reference we have. It is sold in different versions from 769 euros in Spain. Or 649 dollars in the United States. But, How much does it cost Apple to make it?

According to an infographic elaborated by Statista , which is based on data from IHS Markit , the cost of the components of an iPhone 7 amounts to $ 224.8 .

The most expensive of all is the screen, valued at $ 43 . They are followed by the baseband processor and the application processor, which would cost $ 33.9 and $ 26.9, respectively.

The price of the cameras amounts to $ 19.9 and that of the mechanical components to $ 18.2. The electromechanical components are valued at $ 16.7. The memory, at 16.4 dollars. The user interface amounts to $ 14. And the sum of connector, charger and helmets, at $ 11.8.

Other aspects Statista takes into account are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the navigation system (8 dollars), energy management (7.2 dollars), the assembly itself (< strong> 5 dollars ), battery (2.5 dollars) and glue logic (1.3 dollars).